Upstage manages everything required for your transition to a new home, whether another house, apartment or retirement community, from organizing, packing, and staging to moving, unpacking, and everything else in between.

Go out for the day and return to sheets on the bed, towels hung, peas in the freezer.


“Calling Upstage was one of the best decisions of my life! I was ready to give up my house, a house I love, just to de-clutter and re-organize my life. Instead, I contacted Upstage to see if they’d help me to reorganize my home without have to move. Julie heartily agreed and has been with me now for six months. She comes in once or twice a month for 3-hour periods and reorganizes and declutters rooms, jewelry, clothing, books, and more. She is one of the hardest workers I know – completing jobs in astonishingly short periods of time. So effective was she that I hired her and Juanita to do the same in our offices at the university. We all love her and now colleagues are asking her to work for them as well. I bought a new colleague a 3-hour service with Julie as a house-warming gift, and now he’s asked her back. She has a great design sense as well, and finds a way to shuffle furniture around to make a room come alive. “

– Seonaigh M.

Upstage is an amazing company for anyone needing assistance during the process of moving. Whether it be for ‘sprucing’ up a home via staging for the sale or getting needed advice for the downsizing process, they’re there to help every step of the way. My clients have always been thrilled with the results and the ladies at upstage are very helpful and kind with their advice. Their services save so much time and energy during this exciting (and stressful) process. Give them a call- you won’t regret it!

– Sarah Toop, Century 21

“My husband and I lived in the same home for over 40 years and somehow managed to fill not just our house but also a guest cottage, a large working barn and several outbuilding with “stuff”.

It was legitimate “stuff” that included equipment required to maintain an extensive garden, orchard and menagerie that included horses, dogs, cats, horses, fancy fowl and fish to name a few. In addition we travelled extensively and participated in a wide variety of hobbies and activities. Apparently we never heard or understood the words culling or purging. All of which resulted in a massive challenge when we decided it was time for us to downsize.

When we looked at the magnitude of the process of moving it was overwhelming. Fortunately I remembered seeing a service at a home show that specialized in downsizing and I contacted Upstage. They responded within a day and when they came over to access the scope of the job they give me clear, precise information about the process and cost.

Hiring Juanita and Michelle (plus the crew) was the best decision I could have made. Without their expertise, assistance, coordination and support we could never have managed the move.

They are organized, efficient and supportive – I highly recommend their services.

Downsizing is hard. Not only is it hard physical work but it is also a process of letting go of the past and coming to grips with the future. Upstage understands this and is fully equipped to handle the practical as well as the stressful aspects of this major life change.”

– Karola & Larry S.